The Chapter of York is supported by a team of 300 staff responsible for the day to day management and delivery of the Minster’s activities.  The work in seven departments led by a director who also sits as a member of the Senior Leadership team.


Kathryn Blacker - Chapter Steward: Kathryn joined the Minster after management and leadership experience at BBC Sport and the National Media Museum. She carries responsibility for the development of the resources of the Minster (buildings, money and people).

Chapter Steward: Kathryn Blacker -


Communications   (media relations, filming, photography, tourism destination marketing, design, print, digital content)

Director: Sharon Atkinson -



Finance (business and financial administration, management accounts, budgetary management)

Director: Eve Hartrick –



Human Resources (recruitment, employment and wellbeing of staff and volunteers)

Director: Ruth Dunlop –



Music (York Minster Choir, music)

Director: Robert Sharpe –



Director of Visitor Experience  -

Director: Patricia Dunlop - 


Works Department and Stoneyard (maintenance of buildings and land within the Minster Precinct)

Director: Alex McCallion –