In 2005 we embarked upon an important initiative with the foundation of the Francis Jackson Choral Fund, registered charity (number 1112876); established by the York Minster Choristers Association for the sole purpose of raising funds to support the continuance of the great choral tradition at York Minster

“Each scholarship costs the Dean and Chapter £5,000 pa. The scholarships enable the Chorister to be educated at The Minster School. The intention is that no suitably talented child should be denied a chorister place because of financial reasons.” York Minster Development Campaign

The object of the Francis Jackson Choral Fund is to support a minimum of two, and a target of four, choristers per annum.

Words of Support from Francis Jackson

'I would like to commend most strongly the appeal and its splendid objective, which is to help keep alive the age-old choral tradition in York Minster.

Having been a chorister myself, a parent of two and a grandparent of three (one of them a founder member of the girls’ choir here at York), as well as a choirmaster for almost half a century, I have been able to observe, at close quarters, the beneficial effect of a chorister training. It has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

I cannot express sufficiently the enormous advantage – and privilege – of an education based upon the regular singing of great music in the cathedral service and in an incomparable setting.

The fundamentals of music and ensemble performance are learned naturally and effortlessly, along with the discipline that this exercise requires.

I have never ceased to give thanks for the inestimable benefits gained through a long association with what is a very rewarding and intensely pleasurable pursuit.’

Words of support from Keith Jones, Dean Emeritus

‘York Minster is not only the shell of a great building. It is a living, worshipping, Spirit- filled being. Music is as much a part of what York Minster is as the glass, the carved stone and woodwork. The English church has a great tradition of choral church music, and I am delighted that the Francis Jackson Choral Fund will help to encourage and provide for it in the future.’

Our Patron

Dr Francis Jackson was born in 1917 and was a chorister at York Minster from 1929 to 1933 under Sir Edward Bairstow. In 1946 he became Organist and Master of the Choristers and continued to hold this post until he retired in 1982. Since retiring he has continued to write music and give recitals in York Minster and around the world.

Giving to the Francis Jackson Choral Fund

We welcome all forms of giving. No amount is too small. For those who wish to make a regular donation we are able to provide a standing order form.

As a charity we are able to take advantage of Gift Aid; if you are a taxpayer we can recover a further 25p for every £1 donated.

If you have any enquiries or would like to make a donation to the fund please email