16 years, 5 weeks, 1 breathtaking production
26 May – 30 June 2016

Take a look behind the scenes

Now the curtain has fallen on York Minster’s critically acclaimed production of the Mystery Plays we are putting the stories they tell under a spotlight in a brand new exhibition.  Rooted in a rich story-telling tradition which has evolved over centuries, the Plays offer a stark and often brutal reflection of the world today with teachings ever-permanent and traditional yet beautifully contemporary. 

At their heart, the Mystery Plays are about people. Here in York Minster’s Nave they have provoked tears, laughter and thought. The stories deeply resonate with choices and challenges society still faces – love and hate, good and evil, tragedy, sacrifice and redemption. The theatrical triumph reaffirmed why the Plays are still integral to our own personal development today. They ultimately ask us to examine how we live.

Exhibited in the Lady Chapel at the East End of the Minster, the multi-award winning designer Max Jones’ awe-inspiring set pieces, props and costumes create an epic spectacle in the most poignant of settings.  Individuals such as Lucifer – The Proud One, Eve – The Tempted One and Abraham – The Faithful One will be placed under the spotlight, as we ask what can be learnt from these stories told in some cases for over 3,000 years. At a time of increasing uncertainty can they offer comfort and insight? And where does the power to change come from?

***Exhibition included as part of regular Minster entrance fee***

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