Traditional start to the Lent season - all welcome.

Event Information

  • 14 Feb 18
  • From 11.00am
  • FREE

Imposition of the Ashes will take place throughout various services during the day at York Minster. People can come and receive the sign of the cross marked in ash on their foreheads. The Imposition of the Ashes is a reminder of our mortality and of our sharing of death in Christ.

11.00am – All Saints’ Chapel
12.30pm – Nave (with Holy Communion)
2.00pm – All Saints’ Chapel
5.15pm – Quire (with Sung Eucharist)

Each service lasts between 30-45 minutes

All services are free to attend. We will continue welcoming visitors who are here for sight-seeing only, but please be mindful and respectful of these services as they occur throughout the day. 

What do the ashes represent?

Just as Advent focusses our attention on the coming of Jesus (in his birth at Christmas and at the end of time), so Lent focusses our attention on Jesus’ suffering and death (on Good Friday). Ash is a sign of our mortality, a reminder that we shall all die, so ash is imposed on the forehead in the shape of the cross as a sign that we don’t just die but that we die’ in Christ’, we share in his death and he shares in ours. His death was followed by resurrection, so Christians seek to die to all that’s selfish and self-centred in order to allow the resurrection life flow into us now, to be fulfilled beyond death itself.