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Illuminating Cuthbert: The Saint and the York Minster Window (with Dr Katharine Harrison)

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This summer, two talks by experts will offer the opportunity to explore the St Cuthbert Window at York Minster, as part of a series of activity at the cathedral to mark the start of a major project to conserve the medieval window, which is one of the largest surviving narrative windows in the world.

For centuries, Cuthbert was the most important saint in northern England. During his lifetime he guided kings, abbesses and ordinary people alike, and was renowned as a preacher, healer and hermit. The medieval St Cuthbert Window shows the story of Cuthbert’s life on a monumental scale. Made around 1440, the window is a rare surviving example of a narrative window, making it an important source for understanding medieval devotion, politics and storytelling, as well as past approaches to restoration.

In this first talk, Dr Katharine Harrison will introduce St Cuthbert and explore the history and significance of the window at York Minster. By tracing Cuthbert’s remarkable life and exploring the creation and design of the St Cuthbert Window, as well as the impact of nearly 600 years, she will offer insights into the importance of this captivating window and the ingenuity of its creators.

This free event is your chance to investigate an iconic northern saint and one of the Minster’s most enigmatic windows.

Watch the stream here:

A second talk by Professor Sarah Brown, director of the York Glaziers Trust, will take place on Friday 10 September 2021.

The talks are part of a programme of activity at the cathedral to mark the start of the major project to conserve the St Cuthbert Window, which includes a new exhibition – Light, Glass & Stone: Conserving the St Cuthbert Window – which will open at the cathedral in June.

Learn more about the conservation project here or support the work by adopting a piece of the window’s stained glass.

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