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York Early Music Festival

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Join York Early Music Festival in celebrating the very best of Medieval York through a programme of historically informed music performed to the highest international standard.


The Sixteen – Author of Light

Saturday 9 July, 7.30pm

Hubert Parry’s six Songs of Farewell must surely rank among the finest choral works ever written. Deeply affected by the First World War, Parry sought out poetry that would reflect not only peace, unity and the search for a better world, but also an escape from the horrors of war. The poems he chose to set are sublime, be they metaphysical poetry by Donne and Vaughan or the beauty of Thomas Campion. Three works by the poet and lutenist Campion, coupled with medieval carols exploring patriotic ceremony, provide a variety of sound-worlds to complement the rich sonority of Parry’s songs.

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The Tallis Scholars – Choral Connections

Monday 11 July, 7.30pm

One of the great musical inventions of the Middle Ages was the cyclic mass, which created structural integrity for the sections of the liturgy by basing them on an existing song. Josquin did this in his Missa Fortuna desperata, quoting melodies from a song attributed to Busnois and manipulating them in all sorts of complex ways – including singing one of them upside down! Later composers continued this tradition of paying homage to earlier musicians: Josquin’s own music formed the basis of pieces by his successor at the Sistine Chapel, Palestrina; and in England, Byrd used music by his forebear Taverner in one of his own masses. Join the universally acclaimed Tallis Scholars as they explore these connections between the generations.

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Gabrieli Consort & Players – A Venitian Coronation, 1595

Wednesday 13 July, 7.30pm

A spectacular and popular recreation of the Coronation Mass of the Venetian Doge Marino Grimani at St Mark’s, Venice, in 1595, A Venetian Coronation. This lavish sequence of festive music has become synonymous with tonight’s performers and combines brilliance and solemnity in a compelling and kaleidoscopic programme of masterpieces for combinations of voices, cornetts and sackbuts by Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli. The Gabrieli Consort & Players’ original 1989 recording, and the second recording in 2012 (which incorporated new scholarship), both won Gramophone Awards. A Venetian Coronation has been performed in many of the world’s greatest cathedrals and concert halls and is revived here in celebration of the Gabrieli’s 40th anniversary.

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