Philip Moore's compositions, 1957-present

Philip Moore, Organist and Master of the Music of York Minster from 1983 to 2008, is one of the leading composers in the Anglican Church of the last 50 years. His works are sung regularly in many cathedrals and churches, including in the United States of America, the Netherlands and in Australia.

A complete list of his compositions are available below, covering more than 50 years of composing and more than 400 pieces:


Cantatas and songs


Instrumental Pieces

Music for Worship


Dr Francis Jackson's compositions, 1937-present

Organist Emeritus, Dr Francis Jackson, C.B.E., former chorister at York Minster, succeeded Sir Edward Bairstow as the Minster Organist in 1946. He retired from this post in 1982. He has composed much fine music, both choral and instrumental.

List of works