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My family and some friends

Please pray for my family, my mum and sister in particular, who are under great stress and finding it hard to enjoy life. Please also offer prayers to two of my friends in particular, both of whom are also under an immense amount of stress and experiencing a bleak outlook. May their struggles pass quickly with proper resolutions. Thank you.

By A, United Kingdom
on 20 February 2018


Please pray for mum who has terminal cancer and that my sister's test results are fine. Thank you.

By Julia, United Kingdom
on 14 February 2018


My husband is at the hospital on Thursday regarding swellings he has found on his neck. Please pray it isn't anything serious. Thank you.

By Sarah, United Kingdom
on 13 February 2018

Our safety

Lord Pranams A brick fell behind my room outside. Dont know how it cou?d fall from compound wall where some kept. Is it some evil design? I pray pl remove such things from our dwelling place. Thanks Venkat

By Venkat, India
on 06 February 2018