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The Souls of those Royal Navy Sailors and Marines who perished at Coronel on All Saints's Day, 1914

Please pray for the souls of Rear Adm Sir Christopher Craddock and all of the RN sailors and Royal Marines who perished in battle with the German Asiatic Squadron led by Rear Adm Graf von Spee off Coronel on All Saints' Day, 1914.

By Douglas Biggs, United States
on 31 October 2012


please, protect mother from her cancer. lower her tumour markers. let KT bring good news soon, to proove worth. let love fom him be said out loud. be missed and wanted so this feeling of loneliness and self doubt vanishes. please help. everyday is nothing. x

By morris, United Kingdom
on 31 October 2012

Sarah & John

Please God help them in this difficult time of IVF. Please let the baby that has been inplanted grow strong and healthy. Please God in your name sake help them.

By Sue & Mike, United Kingdom
on 26 October 2012

My lover and me

Please bring back the one I love. Let there be mutual forgiveness of bad things said and done, and a fresh start. Please enable better communication and respect. I feel there are so many possibilities of how good life could be, and it needs a mutual leap of imagination and faith and trust for it to be possible. I'm broken hearted about how things are. It's not the worst thing that ever happened to anyone by a long way, but letting go of the sadness is hard. I still hope every day that he will come back, and I don't know if that's foolish. Please let there be a way for it all to be all right. Amen.

By Kath, United Kingdom
on 26 October 2012