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The South Quire Aisle

A story in glass and stone

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The South Quire Aisle will be one of the cathedral’s main conservation and restoration projects for the next decade.

The scheme involves work to repair and replace stone and glass in 15 window bays, which will take around 11 years and cost £11m.


Six centuries of exposure to the elements

The South Quire Aisle dates from 1361 and its construction took around 60 years to complete.

It bears dramatic evidence of six centuries of exposure to the elements, with issues including extensive cracking and erosion to the stone work and serious damage to the medieval glass, which has buckled and cracked in places allowing water in.


Damage caused by a 19th century arsonist

The area suffered serious damage during the 1829 fire, started deliberately by local resident Jonathan Martin in the Quire.

The graffiti marks of the 19th century glaziers – and even those of their sweethearts – who repaired the windows following the fire can still be seen.


21st century craftsmanship

The project began in 2016 and work to date has included the carving of new grotesques and the restoration of pinnacles and buttresses.


How you can help

York Minster relies on your generous support to help fund our conservation and restoration work. If you’d like to help, you can donate online below, or see our Get Involved section for other ways you can support our work.


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