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At York Minster learning comes to life amidst one of the world’s most awe-inspiring cathedrals. Immerse your pupils in sacred spaces, journeying through centuries of architectural marvels, and shared cultural heritage.

Please see below to find the educational offers to best suit your pupils needs.


Option 1:

Available from January 2024.

In our facilitated sessions, pupils will engage in an interactive two-hour experience combining a guided tour of the cathedral with an interactive workshop. Led by our expert guides, pupils will explore the historical and architectural wonders of York Minster during the tour. This is followed by a hands-on workshop where they can dive deeper into the subject matter through engaging activities and discussions. York Minster provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with history and art in a meaningful way, Schools are invited to choose from one of the workshops below when booking.



Creative Creation! (RE and Art & Design KS1-4)

Step into the world of a medieval stained-glass artist.

Using inspiration from the magnificent Great East Window, this session will introduce pupils to the Creation story in Genesis and help them engage with what the story means for Christians today. Pupils will look at other artistic depictions of creation to compare with the stained-glass images. Using this material pupils will be encouraged to make their own creative interpretation of the Creation story.

For more information you can find our lesson plan here along with teacher resources and classroom resources.

Pilgrimage in an Hour (History and RE KS1-3)

Journeys to far off climes, glimpses of holy relics, mysteriously murdered Saints!

In this session pupils will explore the life of a medieval pilgrim by going on their own mini pilgrimage across York Minster. They will learn the key role that the church had in medieval people’s lives and how pilgrimage was seen as a core part of that faith. They will be introduced to York’s own Saint William, learn about his life, his miracles and the strange relics he left behind. The tour concludes with a visit to the shrine of St William himself in the candlelit crypt.

For more information you can find our lesson plan here along with teacher resources.

Magnificent Minster Marvels (History KS2-3)

Become a History Detective and discover some of the key characters in the history of York Minster.

This session will focus on discussion, debate, and making informed judgements. Pupils will work together to categorise the characters, place them in chronological order and then decide who might have had the greatest impact in the History of the Minster. The workshop will challenge pupils to express their views, listen to their peers, develop teamwork skills and decide who they would crown their Minster Marvel.

For more information you can find our lesson plan here along with teacher resources and a classroom resource.

Option 2:

Pre-booked self-conducted visit of the Minster

Cost: £6.00 per pupil. Accompanying adult with up to ten children goes free.
£13.00 for each additional adult (excluding staff required for KS1/SEN).

Prices include VAT and apply to children in full time compulsory education.

You can download our Maths Quest, Light Quest and Nature Quest trails in advance or pick up a copy when you arrive.

Undercroft Museum

Explore 2,000 years of history housed in state-of-the-art interactive chambers beneath the Minster. Visitors to the Undercroft, which is the only accredited museum in a cathedral in the country, can see the remains of Roman barracks, discover the Minster’s Viking connections and see artefacts never before on public display.


For more information contact our Bookings Team on t: 01904 557275, e: bookings@yorkminster.org or via our booking request form below.

See a full copy of our bookings terms and conditions here.

Pupils and students must be in full time education and aged 17 or under. For students aged 18 please see our Groups page.

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Planning Your Visit

Download our essential pre-visit information pack


Self Guided Groups Risk Assessment

Download our self guided risk assessment for groups


Learning Resources

You can download a range of worksheets and resources via the boxes below.

Nature Quest Inside Trail

Take our Nature Quest to discover how medieval stonemasons and glaziers brought the natural world into their building. KS1 and KS2


Light Quest

Explore the lights and colours of our Gothic cathedral as you journey round and discover the stained glass of the Minster. KS2 and KS3


Maths Quest

Have you ever wondered how many panes of glass make up the Five Sisters Window? Look for shapes, patterns and numbers as you journey around York Minster. KS2 and KS3


Dragon Quest Trail

Legendary knight, St George, needs your help to find all the dragons in York Minster!


Dragon Quest Trail Answer Sheet


York Minster Treasure hunt

Discover hidden treasures while learning of the history of the historic building


Group Sculpture Trail

Groups can follow a sculpture trail to hunt for sculptures and carvings dotted around the cathedral.


A brief history until 1472

From the origins of York to the completion of the Minster, this fact sheet outlines the key moments in the Minster's history until its completion.


A brief history from 1472

Outlines the story of the Minster from its completion and comes right up to date with the recent restoration of the East Front.


Invaders and settlers

Discover how the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings influenced the development of York and the Minster.


KS3 Medieval Minster

Designed for teachers and students investigating the Minster as a medieval cathedral. Contains information and illustrations to make your own worksheets, or to use as a guide inside the Minster.


KS3 Place of Worship

Designed for teachers and students investigating the Minster as a Christian place of worship.


Treasure Hunt answers

Taken the Treasure Hunt? Now see how you did....


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