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In our facilitated sessions, pupils will engage in an immersive, two-hour experience combining a guided tour of the cathedral with an interactive workshop.

Led by our expert guides, pupils will explore the historical and architectural wonders of York Minster during the tour. This is followed by a hands-on workshop where they can dive deeper into the subject matter through engaging activities and discussions.

York Minster provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with history and art in a meaningful way, schools are invited to choose from one of the workshops below when booking.

RE and Art & Design, KS1-4

Creative Creation!

Step into the world of a medieval stained-glass artist.

Using inspiration from the magnificent Great East Window, this session will introduce pupils to the Creation story in Genesis and help them engage with what the story means for Christians today. Pupils will look at other artistic depictions of creation to compare with the stained-glass images. Using this material pupils will be encouraged to make their own creative interpretation of the Creation story.

For KS4 RE, the session will show pupils how Christian beliefs and practices are reflected in the building. The workshop facilitates discussion on how the creation story is interpreted by Christians today and links to beliefs about the nature of God and stewardship.

For more information you can find our lesson plan along with teacher resources and classroom resources.

History and RE, KS1-3

Pilgrimage in an Hour

Journey, glimpse the holy relics and walk the pilgrim path!

Pupils will explore the life of a medieval pilgrim by going on their own mini pilgrimage around York Minster. They will explore the key role the Church had in medieval people’s lives as they enter the intriguing world of wax body parts, indulgences and gruesome relics. They will be introduced to York’s own St William, learn about his life, his miracles and the strange things he left behind. The tour concludes with a visit to the real shrine of the Saint himself in our candlelit crypt.

For more information you can find our lesson plan along with teacher resources.

History, KS2-3

Magnificent Minster Marvels 

Become a History Detective and unravel our past in this interactive workshop.

Romans, Anglo Saxons, Normans and beyond – discover the figures who shaped York Minster. Collaboratively create a timeline of historical figures, and rank them to select your top Minster Marvel. In this interactive exploration of history, students will unravel the mysteries of the Minster’s past through source analysis, debate and discussion.

For more information see our lesson plan along with teacher resources and a classroom resource.

English and History, KS1-3

Poetry on Fire

Explore the three major fires of York Minster.

Follow a fire tour around York Minster and enter the world of arson, accident and an act of nature. They will collect fiery vocabulary to compose a collaborative class composition, and step into the shoes of key characters and roleplay the fearless firefighters before reciting the rhythmic rhymes.

For more information you can find our lesson plan along with teacher resources, activity sheets, fire images and fire word cards.

History, RE, and Citizenship, KS2-4

Traitor on Trial

Entering the world of Jonathan Martin.

Who was he? Why did he set fire to the Minster? What did he take with him from the scene of the crime and what did the witnesses say about his character?

Pupils will study the sources and evidence to decide what should happen to this complicated and intriguing character. They will take part in a mock trial to decide Jonathan Martin’s fate.

For more information you can find our lesson plan along with teacher resources, evidence cards, character cards, Martin’s story and fire images.


£6 per pupil + £30 facilitation fee. One accompanying adult with up to ten children goes free.
£13 for each additional adult (excluding staff required for KS1/SEN).

Prices include VAT and apply to children in full time compulsory education.

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For more information, contact our Bookings Team on t: 01904 557275, e: bookings@yorkminster.org or via our booking request form below.

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Pupils and students must be in full time education and aged 17 or under. For students aged 18 please see our Groups page.

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