The Community Committee is the elected group that represents the views of the Minster Community to the Chapter and assists Chapter in its work with the wider community. The Committee was established by the Chapter following the introduction of the Cathedrals Measure 1999. A new Committee is elected every three years. The most recent elections were held on Thursday 18 May 2017.

Who is on the Committee?

The Committee includes 15 elected members from the Minster Community Roll – eight are elected directly onto the Committee, and the other seven are ex officio members who join the Committee by virtue of their election as the Minster Community’s lay representatives on the Cathedral Council or the York Deanery Synod.

Chapter normally appoints two of its members onto the Committee, in addition to the Dean who is automatically a member of all the Minster’s Committees. Canon Pastor Michael Smith is one of the joint Chairs. The other joint Chair and Committee's Secretary and Treasurer are chosen by the Committee from the Community's elected representatives.

When does the Committee meet?

The Committee meets around eight times a year to discuss and respond to issues that the Community has raised and to provide opinions on issues raised by the Chapter. At its very first meeting in 2005, the Committee was given a charge by the Dean who asked members to concentrate on worship, pastoral care and service to the wider community. The Committee agreed to use this charge as an outline for its work.

There is a special focus on worship, welcome and service to the wider community, and the Committee has developed a highly-valued system of sub-committees and working groups that together make a substantial contribution to many different aspects of the Minster’s worshipping and social life.

Constitution and Finances

Does the Committee have a Constitution?

The Chapter decided that a formal constitution was desirable to set out the Committee's remit, membership and method of working. Following a period of consultation, the Chapter formally approved the constitution in 2005.

The Committee and Money

In 2005 the Dean asked the Community Committee to help disburse some of the funds that the Minster gives away to charity each year. The Committee agreed a policy that funds should be divided equally into three areas: international charities, national charities and local charities. Details of the distributions to charity are published twice a year in the Minster's Sunday Notice Sheet.