YMCA Rules


  1. The title of the association shall be the “York Minster Choristers’ Association”, and all who have been admitted as Choristers of the York Minster Choirs shall become members of the said association.
  2. The Objects of the Association shall be the promotion and maintenance of mutual interest and sympathy between all those who are and have been Choristers in the York Minster Choirs, and with the members of other Associations which are affiliated to the Federation of Cathedral Old Choristers’ Associations, and to make a positive contribution to the continuance of the choral tradition at York Minster.
  3. The Association shall have a category of Songman Member, being reserved for those who serve or have served as Songmen or Choral Scholars in York Minster Choir. Songmen Members may attend all meetings of the Association, and shall have voting rights.
  4. The Association shall also have a category of Associate Member, thus allowing those not qualified for membership by right, but who are sympathetic to the aims and objectives of the Association, to have an involvement. Individuals can become associate members upon application, and decisions as to the granting of Associate Membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Committee. The Committee shall also have the power to revoke the membership of any Associate Member at its sole discretion. Associate Members may attend all meetings of the Association, but shall not have voting rights, unless a member of the Committee.
  5. All Members of the Association shall be invited to meet once a year, on a date to be agreed by the Committee, for the purpose of attending:-

    a) A Reunion Evensong to be held in York Minster, and
    b) An Annual General Meeting, and
    c) An Annual Meal, the form of which to be determined by the committee.
  6. Other Meetings may be held during the year for social activities and other purposes at the discretion of the Committee.
  7. The Officers of the Association shall be the President (The Very Reverend the Dean of York), the Vice- Presidents (being those who for the time-being are the Residentiary Canons, the Director of Music, the Headmaster of the Minster School, and any other person the Association may from time to time appoint), the Hon. Secretary, The Hon. Treasurer, and a Committee of nine members of the Association, which Committee shall appoint its own Chairman.
  8. The said Chairman shall hold Office for a period of three years and be eligible for re-election. The Chairman shall have a casting vote. Should the necessity arise, and for the purpose of acting, the said Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, shall form an emergency Sub-Committee.
  9. The Hon. Secretary, Hon Treasurer, and Committee shall be elected annually. Written nominations for these offices shall be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary to reach him at least seven days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall be empowered to elect to any vacancy that may occur on the Committee, and shall be allowed to co-opt any member of the Association on that body for any specific reason.
  10. The Committee shall have a membership as follows:

    a. The Hon, Secretary and Hon. Treasurer
    b. Nine members of the Association, of which up to two can be Associate Members
    c. A Songman, to be nominated by the current Songmen of the Minster Choir.
    d. A parent of a Boy Chorister, to be nominated by the parents of the boy choristers.
    e. A parent of a Girl Chorister, to be nominated by the parents of the girl choristers.

    Five shall be the required quorum for a Committee meeting to be held.

    All members of the Committee who are nominated under this rule shall have their membership confirmed annually in such a manner as is appropriate prior to the Annual General Meeting, and all such nominations should be notified to the Secretary.

    Chorister parents shall cease Committee eligibility and responsibilities at the AGM after the reading- out of their child.
  11. The Committee shall have the necessary powers to ensure the proper running of the Association, including, for the avoidance of doubt, the powers to open bank accounts and hold investments, make and receive loans, and generally administer the dealings and finances of the Association in a prudent manner as though they were an individual entitled absolutely.
  12. The Annual subscriptions shall be such amounts as are recommended by the Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting, with a lesser amount for junior members under 21. All Annual subscriptions shall be due on Reunion Day. The Current subscriptions shall be published in the Annual Reunion Notice.
  13. Life Membership shall be granted on payment of a subscription the amount of which shall be recommended by the Committee and approved by the Annual General meeting. The Committee shall have the power to award Life Membership on such basis as it in its absolute discretion sees fit.
  14. The financial year of the Association shall end on 30th June or such other date as is agreed by an Annual General Meeting. Financial accounts shall be prepared in respect of each financial year and presented at the Annual General Meeting next following the end of that financial year for approval and adoption. The accounts shall be subject to an audit or an equivalent form of independent scrutiny by such person and in such form as the Committee shall determine.
  15. The Association was instrumental in the setting up of The Francis Jackson Choral Fund, a registered charity (number 1112876). The first Trustees of the Fund were all members of the Association, and should additional Trustees be required from time to time then they shall be nominated by the Committee, and the remaining Trustees shall use their best endeavours on behalf of the Association to effect such changes in their capacities as Trustees.
  16. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on Reunion Day. Other General Meetings shall be held whenever the Committee shall deem necessary, or when 15 members shall sign and forward a requisition to the Committee to convene a Special General Meeting. The said requisition must state fully the reason for which the Special General Meeting is to be called, and no other business shall be discussed.

    In such cases twenty-eight days’ notice of such meeting shall be given.
  17. The Association shall have an official badge, tie, and other such items as the Committee shall deem appropriate, available to members of the Association to be purchased at such prices as are determined by the Committee from time to time.
  18. A copy of these Rules shall be made available to all members of the Association, whatever their category.
  19. Members of kindred Associations affiliated to the Federation of Cathedral Old Choristers’ Associations, who are bona-fide ex-choristers, are to be accepted by the Committee as Associate Members of this Association. Such members shall have no voting rights and shall not be entitled to hold any Office in this Association.
  20. Alterations and/or additions to these Rules shall only be made at an Annual General Meeting.

Last updated AGM 2015.