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Annual Report and Chapter’s Report on Progress 2017

25 Jun, 2018

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The Chapter of York has published its Annual Report and Chapter’s Report on Progress 2017.  The document provides detailed information about York Minster’s financial performance and includes a review of the year’s events and activities.

The statutory accounts for 2017 show income of £9.07 million against expenditure of £8.56 million resulting in a surplus before investment gains of £509,000 (compared to a deficit of £391,000 in 2016).

Total funds for the year ended 31 December 2017 increased by £4.7m to £51 million.  This was largely due to the revaluation of the property portfolio in the year, in addition to investments performing well for a second consecutive year.

Commenting on the Minster’s 2017 performance, the outgoing Dean of York, the Very Reverend Dr Vivienne Faull, said:

“2017 was a year of achievement, anticipation and excitement at York Minster. After more than 10 years of planning and preparation and the most exquisite and detailed work on stained glass and stone, the scaffolding came down and we revealed the glory of the East Front and the beauty of John Thornton’s Great East Window, Britain’s largest expanse of medieval stained glass and one of the largest medieval windows ever made. We can now view this masterpiece in its pristine condition for the first time in more than 600 years. Seeing the reaction of visitors and talking to them about the window has been a truly rewarding experience.

“It was also a year in which we welcomed many more people to the Minster.  People came for many different reasons:  for worship and pilgrimage, for special services and events and to immerse themselves in the Minster’s magnificent architecture, history and culture. Whatever their reasons for coming,  we have focused our efforts on ensuring that each person receives a warm, world class welcome and an excellent experience.”

The highlights in Chapter’s annual report include:

Commenting on an outstanding year of progress at the Minster, Viv Faull added:

“During the last six years, Chapter concentrated on developing the capabilities needed to sustain mission into the future. We focused on finance, audit, risk management, governance and training and development of staff and volunteers. The outcomes achieved in 2017 are a direct result of this approach.

As she prepares to leave York Minster for her new role as Bishop of Bristol, Viv Faull paid tribute to the Minster’s community.  She said:

“I will hold in my heart very strong memories of the energy and commitment of the Minster’s staff, volunteers, worshippers and donors.  It has been an honour to lead and to be part of this wonderful extended team.”

York Minster’s income is invested in a wide and complex range of activities including:

Full reports available here

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