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On Monday 9 July 1984 lightning struck York Minster’s South Transept.

Fire destroyed the roof and caused the Rose Window to crack in approximately 40,000 places. Skilled craftspeople undertook a four-year restoration project, returning the transept to its former glory.


“In the days following the fire the overriding feeling amongst the Craftsmen of the Works Department was, “Let’s get on with it!” “What a challenge”. Let us prove that there are still craftsmen who can emulate the work of our forefathers!”

– Bob Littlewood, Superintendent of Works

A temporary workshop was built in Dean’s Park so that huge A-frame trusses could be constructed. Moving them from the park to the South side proved tricky. The road was closed and moves took place in thick fog, cold and snow.


Creator God, we give thanks that you have blessed humanity with the gift of creativity. Help us to use that creativity in the tasks that we are faced with this day.


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