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Please Lord unite in love all who are estranged from family members. My I see my son soon. Amen.

By Sarah, United Kingdom
on 20 February 2017

all of us

When hate is spoken, let it hang in the air and not enter the hearts of those who hear it. Your love is boundless, O Lord. Let us all strive to love without limit.

By Kerry-Anne, United Kingdom
on 19 February 2017


A generous and kind man taken unexpectedly. God bless him and keep him safe.

By Greg, United Kingdom
on 19 February 2017

m mun pat

please pray for my mum pat she had two brain ops leaving her disabled and she has chronic kidney disease as well.i pray in my lord jesus name that she feels better in mind and body.she gets down as we lost my dad to a stroke 3 years ago.i pray to my father almighty maker of heaven and earth to give ne the strength to keep her going and to cheer her up each day .I praise and thankyou god for saving her life 6 years ago when the doctor said she would die that night ,I know you heard our prayers and saved her.though you anything is possible.with my last breath I will praise you my lord .amen.

By sue margison, United Kingdom
on 18 February 2017