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Please pray for all in Manchester affected by the terrifying incident there. Please pray with thanksgiving for the emergency services and ordinary citizens who tried to help in such difficult circumstances. Please pray for those killed and all who mourn their loss and didn't have a chance to say goodbye. Please pray for the injured and the doctors and nurses who have helped and are still helping them. May God bless them all.

By Malcolm, United Kingdom
on 23 May 2017

My son

Father in Heaven, My son seems to have met his "Miss Right". Please help these two young people who are so different to find a common way through life with its ups and downs and let them simple live their Love

By Walter, Germany
on 21 May 2017

my Phd and I

Please give me the resilience, persistence and sense of enthusiasm and momentum necessary to complete and create something original with this piece of work. Please give me the skills of empathy and connection, and the luck, which will enable me to connect and work with other people effectively and collaboratively. However selfish it may be, I so want to be able to succeed in this and for it to be worthwhile. I would be very grateful if you could remember me in your prayers.

By Kath, United Kingdom
on 16 May 2017

My family and friends

I just pray for all the people i love

By Lorraine, United Kingdom
on 15 May 2017