Our mission at York Minster is to invite everyone to discover God’s love through our welcome, worship, learning and work. This means that we are an inclusive community and offer pastoral care and guidance to all and seek to respond positively to everyone who asks us for prayers.

Chapter clergy will offer support and guidance to all who want to live in loving, faithful, committed relationships whatever their gender. Same sex couples are invited to approach the Chapter clergy and should expect a warm welcome and affirmation. In most cases we would expect approaches from worshipping members of the congregation, members of the Community Roll or Minster employees.

At this time we are not permitted by law to marry people of the same sex and the House of Bishops of the Church of England has declined to authorise a service of blessing for a Civil Partnership. The bishops' statement says, 'Where clergy are approached by people asking for prayer in relation to entering into a civil partnership they should respond pastorally and sensitively in the light of the circumstances of each case.' (para18)  The Chapter abides by the pastoral statement of the bishops as a matter of policy. The full statement of the bishops may be read at www.churchofengland.org/media-centre/news/2005/07/pr5605.aspx

After a conversation with one of the Chapter clergy, couples entering a Civil Partnership are welcome to attend any service at the Minster, with friends and family if they so wish, to hear the scriptures, pray, and, where appropriate, receive Communion. Normally this would occur as near as possible to the civil registration of the Partnership.

Chapter clergy will support the intention of the Church of England to continue to explore how we can best develop our ministry to same sex couples. The latest contribution to this work is The Pilling Report