Most of our fact sheets are two page colour PDF documents that give the essential facts about the subject described, perfect for teachers and pupils alike.

A brief history until 1472

From the origins of York to the completion of the Minster, this fact sheet outlines the key moments in the Minster's history until its completion.

A brief history from 1472

Outlines the story of the Minster from it's completion and comes right up to date with the current restoration of the East Front.

Worship in York Minster

Details the types and forms of services that take place in the Minster throughout the year.


Why is the Minster called the Minster and why do we have an Archbishop?

Ash Wednesday

What is it? What happens and why is it a significant day in the Church year?

Stations of the Cross during Lent

A single page PDF that explains the service called "Stations of the Cross" that takes place every Friday during Lent in the Minster.

Church Furniture

What are altars, pulpits, lecterns, fonts and cathedras? How did they get their names and what are they used for?


Find out about the origins and history of some of the strange clothes worn by our clergy in the Minster.

Saint Peter

Patron Saint of the Minster. Who was he and why was the Minster dedicated to him?

Saint William

Find out about the life and Death of York Minster's very own Saint.

The Minster Close

Take a stroll around the outside of the Minster and through the Dean's Park and discover some of the buildings and features in the shadow of the Cathedral.

The Principal Windows

York Minster is dominated North, South, East and West by four stained glass windows. This collection of fact sheets deals with the Great East Window, Great West Window, The Rose Window and the Five Sisters Window.

The 1984 Fire

This collection of fact sheets deals with the South Transept fire of July 1984, it's cause and the subsequent restoration.

The 1829 Fire

Discover the story of terrible fire of 1829 started deliberatley by Jonathan Martin.

Invaders and Settlers

Discover how the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings influenced the development of York and the Minster.

Parts of the Minster

A map and descriptions of various parts of the building.

The Royal Maundy 2012

York Minster hosted the distribution of The Royal Maundy on April 5th 2012. This PDF explains the origins and history of this ancient event.

Information in GERMAN

Information and material about York Minster and the Church of England for German pupils and teachers.

Information in FRENCH

Information and material about York Minster and the Church of England for French pupils and teachers.